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Hello there! I'm Anil Gautam, a passionate photographer hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of Sankhuwasabha District in Chainpur, Nepal. My lens captures the essence of love through the art of wedding photography, freezing those precious moments in time that couples cherish for a lifetime.

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When I was born, Photographers said, "Ohh shit..Competition". Hi there! My name is Anil Gautam, and I'm an enthusiastic photographer from Chainpur, Nepal's stunning Sankhuwasabha District. Through the skill of wedding photography, my lens freezes those priceless moments in time that couples treasure for a lifetime, capturing the spirit of love. Inspired by the natural beauty all around me, I find inspiration in my hometown's picturesque surroundings. The way the light dances across the hills, the hues of a setting sun, and the distinct allure of every place become essential components of my images. Every frame, in my opinion, tells a story, and I work hard to include a message of love and beauty in each picture I take. I've had the honor of working on a number of noteworthy projects throughout the years.

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Wedding photography

Anil specializes in capturing the happiness, love, and special moments of the big day, capturing the romance of weddings. His wedding photography services are designed to provide couples enduring memories.

Scenic Beauty Photography

With a focus on photographing the stunning vistas of Sankhuwasabha District and beyond, Anil's strong eye for scenic beauty translates into a service. He expertly captures the beauty in each shot, whether they be of tranquil nature landscapes, colorful sunsets, or towering hills.

Event Photography

Anil offers photography services for a variety of special events in addition to weddings. Whether it's a corporate function, cultural event, or milestone celebration, he is skilled at capturing the spirit and importance of the moment via his camera.

Professional Projects

Anil provides his skills for tasks involving professional photography. He has experience working on a variety of large-scale projects. This can apply to joint ventures with companies, editorial assignments, or any project where a talented photographer is needed to tell a narrative or deliver a point of view.


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Through the perspective of Anil Gautam, moments become enduring memories. With each click, his wedding photos capture the spirit of love like nothing else. His picturesque beauty images take you right into the heart of Nepal's natural scenery. Anil creates intriguing visual journeys with his photographs.

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